April, 2015

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Make Me A Dragon

Medium: Illustrator

Aren’t Dragons brilliant? They are when Tonya Ratz is in charge! Having been enamored with dragons since a young age, her imagination is beyond ‘creative’. Invent your own from her website or purchase merchandise with a clever creature. Your choice; discover her wise, mystical powers…

Visit: MakeMeADragon.com

N7Dragon EiffelDragon WeddingDragon



Michael Hecht

Medium: Paintings, Drawing, Mixed Media, Prints

Artists are continually in perpetual motion to challenge themselves with new levels of creative work whether physically, mentally and/or morally. With Michael Hecht’s work, there is constant self-worth, being drawn into the psyche, the unknown and the limitlessness of everyday encounters to oridinary meaning.  His self-portraits swing on the pendulum of interrogate expressionism.  Fabulous(!) and well worth viewing.

Visit: MichaelHechtartist.com

MHSkull MHFleur MHWave


Stacey David

Medium: Pastels, Acrylic

What’s mini and marvelous? Stacey David’s pastel works of art! Her portraits, landscapes and acrylic miniatures (to name a few…) are detailed, serene and lovely to view. The international and local subjects bring her award winning talent to the top of my list. View her site and you, too will see…

Visit: StaceyDavidfineart.com

 SDavidMiniSDavidStill SDavidEurope


Polo Barrera

  Medium: Painter, Illustrator, Graphic Designer

Who doesn’t love nature?! Polo Barrera’s paintings mirror just that. As an abstract expressionist who is moved by natural surroundings, Polo’s colors and harmony set the tone for such an ‘ah’-inspiring paint on canvas. He doubles as an illustrator / graphic designer with whimsical-inspired themes. Check out his blog.

Visit: PoloDidIt.BlogSpot.com

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