March, 2015

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Jack Gannon

Medium: Photographic Art

Jack has traveled the world and with it he has embraced the people, culture and beauty in each of his works.  His photos are transformed into Photographic Art and each one captures the beautiful and unusual.  With each piece comes a mini trip around the globe.  The fascination is there and you, too will see it!

Visit: JackGannon

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Sheilagh Flynn

Medium: Clay Pottery

With ease of pigments with spires and swells, I am drawn to this studio.  Sheilagh’s humble nature is reflected in her work.  The inspiring designs and warm tones make for perfect and useable ware.  Her organic nature takes center stage and never stops from there…Discover Sheilagh’s formations.


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Alma Cummings

Medium: Painting, Mixed Media

With Alma’s work comes an abstract meaning.  Life, darkness, growth and rebirth.  Her creations transform before you have a chance to conquer it.  I see many lives in her work and it speaks volume.  Her collection of composition intrigue my senses and brings me to new awakenings of lifecycle and form.  Visit her work for a fresh vision on originality.


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Jennifer Slattery Textiles

Medium: Textiles

Is there anything better than Irish linen?  Not a chance!  Jennifer’s concepts are above unique and are created to become heirlooms.  With each piece whether it’s linen, home accessories or gifts, the work begins with a drawing, painting or photography to craft the perfect design.  Jennifer’s character instills beauty of imperfection infused with contemporary flare.  Visit for yourself.

Visit: JenniferSlatteryTextiles

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