January, 2015

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DA Metals

Medium: Jewelry

Metal me true… I’m in love with all of these pieces! From the colors (oh so many…) to the designs and the energy. Each one is a unique creation to match any one personality. With recycled metals (nickel-free) and gold vermeil electroplated over sterling silver makes for truly long-lasting fabulous pieces. Shop and experience for yourself.

Visit: DAMetals

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Daria Tessler

Medium: Silkscreened art, illustration, pen and ink

I am SOooo much into pen and ink drawings I was flabbergasted when I discovered Daria’s work. Born in Finland with interests in math and physics, her creations are dreamlike mixed with fantasy and the yellow submarine! Her color tones are a mix of children’s books (yes she is an author too…) from the 60s and 70s combined with multiple matters that somehow a story waits to be told…. or UNtold. I could stare for hours at her universe and find new secreted unraveling’s each time. Visit for yourself.

Visit: AnimalSleepStories.com

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