January, 2015

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Danbury Railway Museum

Visit: Danbury Railway Museum

What’s the best thing about the Danbury Railway Museum?! Riding an old train. Yup, this place let’s the young ones ring the bell when the train is ready to board. Besides numerous relics of train objects, events, tours and a whole host of things to keep anyone busy, the best excitement happens behind the station where several old trains are parked ready to discover and take a short memory-filled ride. The train car windows open, seating is abundant and the view is wonderful. Walk the yard and experience the train turnstile it’s one of a kind. Stopover to this exciting place.


Seth McCombs

Medium: Pen and Ink, Watercolors

I met Seth this past summer (2014) at a Quahog Festival in New England.  Somehow the magic of his drawings drew me to have a quick discussion with him.  Very humble and extremely talented.  His work excited me because it was about Narragansett waters, big quahogs and exciting folk tales…  I purchased his book, ‘Old Salty Dog‘, because I wanted to dig a little deeper into his artwork, imagination,and his theory on comics and storytelling medium.  Discover for yourself, and you too will be sold on aquatic life!

Visit: ArtofSethMcCombs.com

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Dawdling Dragons Designs

Medium: Chainmaille Jewelry

I was drawn into this jewelry just by the mere fact of the intertwined design. So unique with hints of color that adds spice. Chainmaille derived from the French word ‘maille’ or ‘mesh’ is the connection of metal rings to one another. So cool! I am fascinated not only with the design and added elements but the rhythm of serenity I sense when discovering these pieces. Visit for yourself.

Visit: DawdlingDragonsDesigns

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Brian Elig

Medium: Illustrator, Watercolors, Ink

Brian’s work takes me to a place where fun and fantasy merge. After meeting him at Comic Con this past fall, his keen eye exploits the detail of the mystery, yet humors me of the strange and unfamiliar.  I’m on a cryptic trek with every viewing…

Visit: BrianElig

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