October, 2014

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Rachel McKnight

Visiting Ireland for the first time this past Spring enriched my world of pure Irish history, rich cuisine and most of all fabulous artists!

Medium: Acrylic, silver and polypropylene

I found Rachel’s work in a small boutique in Galway. Her color tones of untainted purple, opulent yellows and uber ceruleans drew me in. Rachel experiments with acrylic, silver and polypropylene to produce unique shapes and designs that decorate any being. She has also recently created home products. Keep a watch on those. So if your in the Oh-So-Mood to challenge wearable conceptual art… Rachel’s creations are a must-have!

Visit: RachelMcKnight.com

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Medium: Mixed Media

How does the name ‘Fishcakes’ come to a wonderfully surprising concept? I’ll tell you how….with Voz Perkins imaginative mind, with doodles of animals and monsters. Since it’s inception in 2001, there are (as the site indicates…) more than 100 designs and we’ve sent thousands of little monsters out into the world. It’s so fabulous that these creations come in forms of 3-D, buttons, magnets, books and more. This is one planet of creatures that needs to be discovered!

Visit: Fishcakes.net

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Alaina Mahoney

Medium: Paint, Metal, and Mixed Media

Origins of the past bring new meaning to future talent. Alaina’s art does that. With a concentration on sacred elements that people embrace she captures those moments with a brush, artifacts, history, memories and much more… With former abandon factories close to her, the remnants left behind create a world of new creations.   See for yourself.

View: AlainaMahoney.com


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