July, 2014

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John Paul Fernandes

Medium: Mixed Media

Visit: JohnPaulFernandes

John Paul Fernandes all around local artist?  I’m thinking ‘Yes’!  With his many multi-talented mediums and an array of choice subjects, John Paul exists in the moment and not afraid to express it.  Have a look, you’ll be amazed and impressed. 🙂

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Virginia Delgado

Crazy Over Art, Virginia Delgado

Medium: Photography

Visit: VirginiaDelgdoPhotography.com

Photography by definition is a combination of art and science. Virginia’s black and white works, (yes…, the absence of color by choice!) embrace genre, fragments of time and stories untold. Her modern take allows for specific styles, an air of mystery, bold statements and magical visions. View for yourself.


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Kelly McCullough

Crazy Over Art, Kelly McCullough

Medium: Painter, Graphite, Charcoal and Pencil

Visit: KellyMcCullough.net

A touch of light that reflects something so simple that it creates art. A smile that reflects a mood, or a hint of site-size? Weather it’s philosophy, science or theory, Kelly’s paintings touch all these elements to create works like the great masters she studied abroad. So…admire her reflections, highlights and shadows as her pieces come to life with a mystery of magical experience.

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Leah Piepgras

Crazy Over Art, Leah Piepgras

Medium: Mixed Media

Visit: LeahPiepgras.com

Art is today as life is now…right at this very moment. Leah’s art are creations of her life, character, thoughts and experiences as they are currently happening. Her mediums are inspiring and her subjects range from abstract to the mindfulness of self-image. There is movement, thought and awareness. Ponder her work and feel it’s presence and live within it. Her captivating pieces will encourage you to see ‘art’ in a whole new level.

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