February, 2014

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Marian Gaydos Designs

Medium: Jewelry

Discipline, balance, character. Hear the rhythm of the elements in Marian’s pieces… Not only are the unique pieces ‘excitable’ to the touch, but her techniques and materials are the focus of attention each time. Bravo!

Visit: MarianGaydos.com





Lori Bradley

Medium: Printmaking, Mixed Media, Ceramics, Painter

Nature has a new meaning to me and Lori let’s me breathe with it.  I feel grounded and know my sense of being with her work.  It’s calming, it’s forever changing and it’s illuminating all at once.  I love it.  I feel a rebirth with each piece she creates.  Respond for yourself.

Visit: LoriBradleyArt.com





Stephen Martin

Medium: Photography Art, Mixed Media

Is it true that all artists start at ’emerging’?!  I don’t think so…I think when you’ve got it, you’ve got it.   And Stephen’s got it…  His work had me at seeing wonderful fresh new creations.  I am truly awestruck on his photo-merging portraits that play on mixed media and photo montage.  His ‘fantastic’ pieces have me wondering how could I have missed this and I need to tell everyone about them!  Step into his pictorial world.

Visit: StephenMartin

StephenRedRose StephenBars StephenBirdMan Stephen2Men


Pamela Hoss

Medium: Painter

I can feel her talent, and I can see her stories… Trained in many venues of teaching and education, her life is in her paintings, clearly.  Her colors resemble moods, memories and places to go even if it was just for a moment.  Her studio is her refreshing vibe now and it shows when she describes her work.  She is seasoned in life, her canvas and what’s to come next.  See for yourself…

Visit: PamelaHoss

HossSelfFull HossDream HossLady HossDancer