October, 2013

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Deanna Rae Vincent

Medium: Greeting Cards

Whenever I get the chance to write about greeting cards I get all ‘gitty’ and ‘excited’!  I’m a closet greeting card fanatic.  Deanna’s hand crafted designs makes me want to purchase all of them and show the world how creative and clever she is.  With add-ons, layering, sparkling, colors, themes and chic’d out designs, she’s mastered and created an entire new world of greeting card magic.  Visit her site and you’ll be a fanatic just like me!!

Visit: Deanna’sHandCraftedDesigns

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Evergreen Street Studios

Medium: Murals, Faux Finishes & Color Consulting

In the mood for a little warmth and color in your abode?  Evergreen Street Studios has the create touch!  A wife/husband team who are equally passionate about their work and… have a great eye for suggestive creations.  Whether it’s a mural to paint or a hallway to enhance the possibilities are endless.

Visit: EvergreenStreetStudios.com

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Randa Glass

Medium: Glass

How fabulous is it when a glass blower/maker creates Vases, Sculpture, Jewelry, Animals and more?… Randa does.  The variety is broad, one-of-a-kind and the creativity is endless.  Check out the Gallery on his website.

Visit: RandaGlass.com

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Dew Claw Studios

Medium: Pottery

Looking to get dirty in a creative way?!  Visit, take classes or a workshop at Dew Claw Studios.  Located in Pawtucket, RI, this husband and wife team offer a space to create, learn and make pottery.  It’s fun, affordable and you meet like-minded folks who mold, spin, kiln and smile all while making a piece of art they create to call their own…

Visit: DewClawStudios.com

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