September, 2013

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Joyce Ronald Smith

Joyce Ronald Smith Interviews with Crazy Over Art.  Click the Interviews Tab for all the details.




Sean Boyce

Medium: Painter

SEE HAPPY!  I encountered Sean’s work in Boston for a local visit and was eye-struck by COLOR, instant HAPPY effect (BIG Smile).

His Boston genres and very familiar sightings make the man an ‘artist icon’ for New England.  An artist at heart as reflected in his many creations in and around Massachusetts, …very talented. Visit his site for an INSTANT happy effect…


SBoycePRU SBoyceCorner SBoyceBus SBoyceBridge

Cee Bee’s Designs

Media: Greeting Cards, Boxes

I never actually met Carol Brown the artist, but I did in fact meet her husband… what a nice man, he’s a BIG fan of her work… I am drawn to her whimsical subjects of penguin cards and the magical ones where color appears when you ‘pull’ upwards… how cool is that?!  Carol also makes wonderful cupcake boxes.  You can put anything in these, from candy to earrings to pushpins… so clever Carol, I’m your cheerleader today!

Visit: CeeBeeDesigns

CDpenquinBaloon cdcupcakecard CBpenquinFish CBmajiccolor



Julian Penrose

Medium: Mixed Media

Julian’s work is a 3D collection of memories, surprises and pure pleasure.  His work is on exhibit at Gallery Z in Providence, RI until October 12, 2013.  His work is a definite ‘you gotta walk around it’ to get the full effect.  I find myself staring and saying ‘hey, I remember this or that’ and then he takes the work to another dimension…a must see.

JulianPhone Julian4 Julian3 Julian2