August, 2013

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Christina Delice

Medium: Rose and Yellow gold

While visiting Saratoga Springs, New York this summer, I was taken by the uniqueness of Christina’s jewelry.  Fresh, delicate, free and classy.






Phyllis Dobbyn Adams

Medium: Acrylics

I first saw Phyllis’ work at the Bristol, RI art night this past summer.  Her one dimension subjects draw you to the subject, color, composition and just plain ‘ole something you want to be a part of.  Subjects range from birds to landscapes to stills to boats.   All refreshing and light.


PDAdamsStills PDAdamsLandscape PDAdamsBOAT


C.W. Roelle

Medium: Steel Wire

I first met C.W. several years ago working in a parking lot in downtown Providence, RI.  He was working with his hands on what I thought was a watch repair and then as I looked closer…. he was creating ‘wonderful’ 2 and 3-d works of art.  I was taken by this and carried on a conversation about his work.  Spectacular!


CWRoelle_Tower CWRoelle_ManPaper CWRoelle_Giraffe CWRoelle_chair



Katy Westcott

Medium: Bamboo, Wool, Silver & Gold

How great is it when you find bamboo alone, then find out someone has made jewelry created out of it?  This is what Katy Westcott has done.  Little wooden creations you can wear and feel green about 🙂

Visit: KatyWestcott

KWescottPIN KateWestcottKNIT KateWescottNecklaceKWestcottEarrings