August, 2013

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Carol Schmedinghoff

Medium: Carved wood, paint, nature

Like little vignettes of nature, Carol’s creations are unique in nature… literally!  She hand-carves petite birds out of balsa wood and adds their tiny legs and beaks and paints them to perfection…. then she places them in a window box so we get a glimpse of nature ‘up-close’ and personal.  I couldn’t stop staring and was expecting these little creatures to start tweeting…


RedBirdCarol BirdsFeatherbyCarol BirdsbyCarol










Susan Freda

Medium: Wire, Precious stones, Gold, Silver

You GO GIRL!  I am crazy over Susan Freda.  The lifesize ‘dress’ sculptures really captured my eye.  The jewelry is so organic and refined.  Lovely job.


SFREDAdress SFREDflower  SFREDArings SFREDAlamp







Gather Glass

Medium: Glass

Now here’s an art that is delicate, fun, creative and unique.  There’s always the mystique of what it will be during the process of either blowing it, sculpting it and/or creating it.  A medium I am always am enchanted with…


GatherNecklaces GatherGlassBlowing GatherGlassBirds GatherEarrings






Joycrochet by Joyce Ronald Smith

Medium: Beads

Looking for a one-of-a-kind bead crochet jewelry?  Joycrochet is your answer!  Each piece is made-by-hand that can be worn around your neck or wrist.  The colors and designs are so ‘Unique’.

Visit: JoyCrochet

JOY2 JOYcroNeck