July, 2013

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Jenny Lane Smith

Medium: Photography

It’s not too often I get excited about local urban art, but Jenny Lane always peaks my interest!  I love the ‘raw’ness of her cityscapes and rich composition.  She’s never without a camera or a roving eye for her next snapshot.  Keep me following you Jenny Lane…

Visit: JennyLaneSmith.blogspot.com



Valerie Bretl

Mosaic Arts

Valerie is living my dream!

Not only is a she a seasoned artist with awards and accomplishments, she owns a gallery to display her creations…  Her gallery, Mosaic Arts  is under the ‘Gallery’ tab.

After meeting and visiting with Valerie I am instantly drawn to her work.  The medium, Mosaic is one that rarely comes about with natural stones, ceramics, tile, fragment peices and a whole lotta color to boot.  She creates in both the traditional ‘square’ or ‘regtangular’ space but then creates ‘outside’ the space in ‘circles’ and ‘oblong’ shapes.  The subjects range from nature; flowers, shorelines to creatures, portraits and her latest ‘butterfly’ mixed with nautical themes.  Her studio is in the rear of the Gallery were magic is happening…

Visit: ValerieBretl.com


Warren Quahog and Art Festival

TitlelessArtEvery year in July I visit the Warren Quahog  and Art Festival in.  Not only is filled with artists(!) but I love that warm little-town feel when I’m strolling around…

This year I purchased an oil painting on Masonite.  SO EXCITED!  Actually the artist; Dolores Gaynor, has had no formal training, no web site and no title on the painting I purchased!   When you chat with her it’s as if we’ve know each other for years.  She was so kind, sweet and very proud of her (and totally should be…) pieces and says she gathers subject matters through needlepoint and magazine ideas.

My title-less piece.





Other artists I chatted with:


Stephanie Stroud

Amazing mix of media.  Handmade paper, paint and very well thought-out composition.  Stephanie won Second place in this year’s Art Exhibit.

Visit: StephanieStroud.us










James William Flynn

Visit: JamesWilliamFlynn.com

His pen and ink drawings drew me into his tent.  There were so many to look at and the local subjects were a friendly reminder how wonderful it is to live in New England.  Visit the web site and read his blog, very interesting man…










Bruce Lippincott

Visit: BruceLippincott.com

Not a big nature photo fan, but I must say, Bruce’s photography had me sold.  Many of his photos were of foggy scenes from New England to Canada.  I just stopped and stared.  Nature is an amazing force and when someone like Bruce can capture and remind us all how powerful it can be, take the time to stop and stare.





Artist/Rebel/Dandy – Men of Fashion

RISDMensEx_oldphotoI visited the RISD Museum during July’s ‘Gallery Night’.  Very popular exhibit on men’s fashion.  I was intrigued by the ‘plaid-design’ and how decades later, PLAID is still a very stylish pattern and fashion-plate not only in men’s fashion but for women as well.  RISD continues to use multimedia in their exhibits (which I like) and some ‘hands-on’ stations as well.  Nicely done.

The 2 most ‘stand-out’ pieces for me: A wig and Ferragamo shoes worn by Andy Warhol and a suit? (actually top hat and tails) worn by Fred Astaire.