Ancizar Marin

Medium: 3D

You can’t help but smile and wish you were part of the activity with Ancizar’s creations. Noted as ‘The Climbers’ his works are from his Colombian roots and formal art training. With travels through South American, his exposure to many cultures found his world open to form, color and textures. Notice the interaction between each piece as they can be arranged in multiply ways. Sculpture is an obsession with Ancizar as he continues with mediums of chrome, bronze, fiberglass, wood, resin and volcanic rock. His end result?, to capture humans with emphasis of love, art, dreams, admiration and knowledge of mankind. It works well with me…

View: Ancizar Marin

Vanessa Piche

Medium: Painter

With each stroke of her brush, Vanessa responds to nature… Her works take you through New England waters and landscapes. Feel the warmth of the sun, experience the seasonal breezes and let your eyes capture schooners gliding along the shorelines. She masters each one. With a host of shows around across the U.S., Vanessa has been featured on television, private collections and Pottery Barn. She is a wonderful individual who lights up when talking about her work. View for yourself and see her magic shine through.

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Dasken Designs

Medium: Stained Glass, Jewelry, Fine Art

With this one-woman operation (ok, her partner and kitty assist too…), her creations are nothing less than fabulous! The name is a combination of her mom and dad. With mind and design spirit to guide her, she dedicates her studio time creating, soldering, painting, making jewelry while maintaining her web site and interacting with dedicated clientele. All with her personal touches. She focuses primarily on stained glass and her insights never stop. She is a true and devoted artist. With travels around New England for multi-site shows, she brings her best craftsmanship. Check out her works.

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Pnina’s Wax

Medium: Mixed Media

The work is colorful and unique.  The process consists of crayons with heat added to make her creations come to life. I discovered her work at a local gallery in Maine, and was immediately drawn to the technique and composition.  Vibrant blended images create wonderful pieces of art.  She not only enjoys New England but all that it offers.  Her talents extend to jewelry and 3D composition.  Visit her work.

Visit: Pnina’s Wax